I live in a country of echoes.
There, in the furthest distance, a dead genius screams the star

spangled banner out into the abolished afternoon:
electric, tortured, perfect.

Girls round the maypole.
War cries painted men who dance to drums of hide and bone in a

fire’s light before this world was cured.Beautiful.

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I’ve heard a poet’s song of a night but eyed he not.

Woman’s voices, magic, hushed, 

love songs of child-birth and lamentation. 

Shots fired in anger, a white horse falling in a dark road,

silent night…

I walk a landscape of shadows. 

Walk this ten mile circuit since my world began.

Over and over, crimson and clover.

See it here in digital.

But didn’t I tell myself one day I’d set out, 

court adventure, play the lover, make my fortune.

My ship will come in.

My ship will come in.

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 We had plans to rob a bank, we made masks,

We were dreamers, we were cut throat


Hold now, there I am, seventeen, dead & undying

caught on the wind like the rest.

Unless you leave… unless you run…

unless you leave your life will pass you by.

Yet here I am. Mile high. Crows feet. Still reaching.

Lost in the twilight’s last gleaming.